It’s true you won’t always feel like a writer but I’m going to tell you a secret.

You are a writer.

There is power in claiming a word for yourself. Your attitude changes and you start looking at things more positively.

Great marketers are great writers.

Bloggers are writers.

Social media stars (the good ones) are captivating storytellers.

Consumption has changed. Long gone are the days that you had to find a publisher to take on your manuscript before you could claim the title of writer. Storytelling has moved into the digital age. More avenues are open to us than ever before.

Isn’t it more important that people can read your work?

I didn’t claim the term writer for years after I was paid to write. Maybe it was lack of confidence, the thoughts that I don’t have an agent (I’ve never looked) or my training consisted of the standard education system and night courses crammed between busy days.

The difference between being a writer and not being a writer is the simple act of putting words on a page (digital or otherwise) and letting others read your work.

Sometimes it will be good. Sometimes it will be bad.

Don’t wait on others to bestow a title on you. You may waste your life waiting and wondering what could have been.

Claim it and then spend your life trying to be the best at what you do.

There is power in claiming something.

What word are you going to claim today?