One of the questions I get asked is what I do when I have to write, but I’ve got nothing. When this happens having a bucket file of content ideas around your pillar content is a must-have but what do you do if you don’t have one of those because we aren’t all perfect all the time?

So today’s blog post ladies and gents is all about finding the write words. Pun intended.

How many times have you been caught in a pinch and had to come up with a witty Instagram caption, compelling newsletter or a blog post that is more than just meh? We don’t want our writing to be forgettable. We want people to remember us right?

We want to have some prove tactics that we can skim over and go ‘Oh, yeah I forgot about that. Let’s use that today’. To this, I created my free guide which has eight actionable tips on how to create compelling copy.

But Nadia the title says 7.

Ah my lovelies you are going to have to read each section well becasue one of those is a two for one special.

A little extra help:

But, this isn’t a post that screams ‘download my guide now’. Let me walk you through something that can instantly help you.

That my friends is the secret of action verbs aka dynamic verbs.

These are handy to whip out when you need to make an instant change to a rather boring headline or when you are getting close to a CTA and you want the idea of clicking to already be at the front of your reader’s mind.

Want to see it in action:

Jump start your writing


When you need writing help.

Is it starting to make some sense? I can almost feel you nodding through the force of the internet. If you want someone to make a move then, action is where it happens.

Next time you are stuck Google some action / dynamic verbs and try re-writing and see what happens. I KNOW you’re creative enough to write some killer headlines so if you happen to use this tip then leave a comment below.

If you want some more actionable content like this then pop on over here and nab my free guide. I promise it contains no fluff and you will reread it in times to come.

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Okay now you can go nab the free guide:

7 secrets of Powerful Copy Guide
7 Secrets of Powerful Copy Guide