“Ok, newsletter today – I’m feeling uninspired.” ⁠

Not so surprisingly, this is something that I see in my messages a lot along with “What do you think of this post title?”

Both are interesting questions that but today let’s focus on getting a newsletter or email out when you have nothing planned.

In this situation, you don’t want to hear “Newsletters are part of your marketing plan. They should be aligned and planned.”


What you need is my⁠ Wham Bam Email in a Jam tactic.

If you find yourself in this sticky situation, ask yourself:⁠

Q1 What one thing would you like to tell your readers about this week? ⁠

I do mean one thing. Newsletters that have lots of different links don’t perform as well as those that direct to just one thing.

If you’re really stuck, you could highlight an old piece of content and write about it in a new light. Maybe rewrite an old newsletter that performed badly but write it using these two questions as a guide.

Q2 How does this one thing help your reader? ⁠

Will it transform their lives in any way.

Will it save them time or money?

Why do they need this information that you want them to know?

Once you know the answers to the above you can sit down and take a confident and clear approach to your newsletter. Then write a short, punchy email as if you’re talking to your best friend.⁠

As you move through your copy, make the sentences shorter before introducing your CTA button. *⁠

This is my emergency Wham Bam Email in a Jam tactic, and now it’s yours too!⁠

Then make a note to plan, so you’re not so stuck next week. 😉⁠ Planning really is the best approach to newsletters. After all they should be part of your marketing plan. But at times we have all been overwhelmed or had an emergency and the best-laid plans never come to fruition.

That’s when you try my favourite tactic above.

*Or you could always hire a copywriter to help you out. Just sayin’⁠

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Until next time,