The Plunge

Your quick-start guide to writing copy that grabs the reader by the shirt collar, pulls them in landing a big smacker on the lips before sauntering away, leaving them helplessly infatuated with you forever.

You’re Busy

Who isn’t these days?

All you want to do is let your product/blog post/social post out into the world and earn you some cash. 

Your images are Instagram gold, but things still aren’t selling. 


That’s because

Images attract but it’s copy that sells. 


But you want copy to start working for you, yesterday!  

You could google ‘how to write sales copy’ but the information that floods back at you will take until next year to understand, implement and see any real change. 

In walks a copywriter with an awesome slide deck with a side of sass (spoiler alert – it’s me).

Clears throat

Listen up – yes you, Janet, right there in the back. 

There are basic techniques to grab people’s attention

Move them through your copy

And mostly importantly, 

have them nodding along before they  say


It will take you less than a day to learn about these techniques.

You can implement them immediately. 

And when you know them, you can use them in every piece of copy or content you produce going forward. 

Sound good? 

But everyone online is out there to separate me from my hard-earned moolah.

Ah yes, they are.

I’m in total agreement. 

The internet is akin to the great Wild West with gunslingers and cowboys. Only the strongest or savvy will survive.

And savvy, why that’s you’re here!

If this is the first time we’ve met, 👋 I’m Nadia. 

I’m a top-notch copywriter that has been working with creative entrepreneurs and marketers over the last decade. 

In short, I’m the person that helps people like you make money online. 


👉 I’m an award-winning blogger in my own right (yes who isn’t these days. Okay on to number 2)

👉 I’ve helped my clients to become award winners in their businesses. (Getting warmer…)

👉 I’ve worked on 6 figure launches. (Okay Nadia, now I’m listening)

👉 I’ve got certifications and qualifications coming out of my ears. From Google IQ, HubSpot, MSc, Science degrees x 2, AI certificate and the list goes on. But what this means is that not only can I write, I have the analytical skills to back it up. 

👉 I’m a flash fiction finalist. I push myself creatively as well as stretching my science brain. 

👉 I have a bunny named Ninja and a cat named Mollie who one day will team up to bring me coffee in bed.



I’ve worked with enough small businesses to know that you don’t have time to learn EVERYTHING about salesmanship, which is basically, what copywriting is.  

So why not take advantage of the knowledge, tips and techniques that I apply to my own business and others that I work with so you can write copy that could sell ice in winter. 

For those who skipped to the end – yes, you!

Now, there is a lot of information here, along with exercise tips and examples. 

It’s going to feel a little like you’re jumping off a cliff. 

There is the land you know now where you can feel the ground beneath your feet.

As you move through this course, it’s going to feel like you’re taking that leap off the cliff edge.

You’re falling through the air. 

Heart in your mouth, wondering if this was all a big mistake. 


This tidal wave washes over you, and you’re under the water kicking for dear life before smashing through the surface gulping down fresh, sweet air. 

You slowly swim to the shore as your heart pounds. 

Adrenaline pumping in your veins. 

You climb up on the shore full of knowledge you didn’t have before. 

You have, but one thought:

A Personal Note

When you purchase this course, you’ll have lifetime access. It’s safe and secure on Teachable, and you can pay in a variety of ways. 

The Plunge is my quick-start guide for busy entrepreneurs and marketers who want to make a real impact with the words they use online. As we work together through the course, I’ll keep adding more tips and exercises so that this course continues to get better but still keeping the emphasis on short and punchy.

And I promise that as it grows, the price will too. It won’t be €90 forever. I want to make it THE quick start copywriting guide for creative entrepreneurs.