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It’s Time to Cut Through the Noise

Business can be personal.

My mission is to provide bold entrepreneurs with web copy that puts the human back into marketing with words written with integrity, intent, and clarity. 

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Let’s Work Together

Here at As Yet Unwritten, aka my online home, we take a look at online media together and focus on bringing the best part of you out to meet the online world. It’s not magic; it’s word science for your business. 

Power Hour

A 60-minute call where you get to choose from coaching, copy audit, marketing & social media. 

Think of it as a sounding board with intent, clarity, and purpose so that you can leave with motivation and actionable tips to getting it done.

From Unwritten to Written in Just 24 Hours.

Need digital back-up for a day? I got you. Choose from a defined set of goals so that you can get your project from hum to done. 

I’ve worked with enough small businesses to understand that you’re an expert at keeping those spinning plates in the air. Still, it’s frustrating and tiring, and some projects never get finished or completed to your satisfaction. 

Stop defying gravity and let me take a plate from your hands and get those words working for you. 

Web Copy – The Review

Have you written your web copy but it’s not how you imagined it? Then hop into my email and let’s get your copy a professional finish. 


Web Copy – Written for You

From your opening chapter to epilogue, this is written-for-you web copy that tells your story online in a way that connects and engages.

It starts with an AYU signature discovery questionnaire and ends with a 1 on 1 call with strategy and training so that you can take your next steps with confidence. 


What People Are Saying

A true friend and mentor.

Nadia has a wealth of knowledge spanning web design, the in’s and out’s of social media platforms, and the nuts and bolts of Ravelry. These, together with her photography skills, have hugely increased the visibility of my business.
She mentors you through whichever process you need, takes control when you want it, and empowers you to keep striving. I’ve worked with Nadia this past year and she has become a true friend and mentor. I’m looking forward to continuing this partnership that keeps growing from strength to strength, regardless of the task or challenge.

Jennifer Shiels Toland

Designer, JST Designs

Innovative and Fun

She understands her craft well, is ready and willing to experiment as well as open to suggestions. Being a knitter and crocheter herself, it’s clear she understands what will attract crafters to a particular design, and she knows instinctively how to highlight those qualities. I feel I am in very safe hands when I work with Nadia and am always thrilled with the results.

Aoibhe Ni

Designer, writer, Aoibhe Ni

I don't know where I'd be without her!

Nadia has been working with me for 3 years now and she has made my online life run so smoothly! All social media outlets are fully covered by her fantastic graphics, well thought out text and ideas that I would never have come up with no matter how long I try. This makes it much easier to focus on my many other jobs. In the last few months, Nadia has produced photographs for a Woollinn shawl that I designed (Bealtaine) that were superb and has written the introduction to two of my books Echoes of Heather and Stone and Cosy Knits. 

Carol Feller

Designer, writer, founder, Stolen Stitches

She is always ready to step in.

Our social media services can become overwhelming at times, so Nadia’s professional services are a fantastic resource to be able to access. She is always ready to step in to draft copy and to provide beautiful images to work alongside our promotional activities. We enjoy working with Nadia and find her to be professional, efficient, and knowledgeable of the workings of the fibre craft industry.

Lisa Sisk

CEO, Founder This is Knit Ltd.

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