Below you will find my favourite tools to use. Some have a few options depending on what stage you are at, and whether or not funds are tight.

These are the tools I use both for myself and for my clients so please have confidence that I’m not listing them here for the referral moolah. In fact, let me help you with an earworm: Jessie Jay – UP IN THE HOUSE:

“It’s not about the money, money, money.”

Except it is just a little, so it’s helpful if you purchase my recommendations through my links and on that note:

Please know that some of these (only 2 Divi and Blacknight) are affiliate links and if you purchase using my links I will get a small referral fee.

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My Favourite Tools

These are the solutions and tools I use every day.


Web Hosting – Blacknight Solutions

Blacknight is one of Ireland’s largest hosting providers. They have dedicated and shared hosting and have excellent customer care. They offer transfer services and domain names, basically everything you need to get your website up and running. 

CMS – WordPress

Did you know that 34.5% of all websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress?  I personally have been using WordPress since my very first blog waaaay back in the early 2000’s. For clean writing I like Medium but for websites, I’m a fan of owning your own space and WordPress does that.  Guttenberg has made writing on  WordPress not fun at all but a simple copy and paste from your favourite writing space is what I do. 

Theme – Divi | Elegant Themes

I really can’t suggest Divi enough.  I love being able to create my own style and combine this with the power of Bloom (their mail opt-in) and Monarch (their social media integration) there really isn’t a reason not to choose them. They also integrate really well with Woo Commerce and work well with membership integrations with WordPress. To top it off there are some great Divi Facebook Groups for help and fab Customer Care team too. 


Mail Provider – Send in Blue (Automations)

If you want targeted automation and let’s face it why wouldn’t you? Send in Blue has some of the best free and low-cost email flows out there. The set up is a bit meaty but it’s worth the time investment.



Mail Provider -Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a great service provider for Start-ups. The automation features are only available through paid features apart from 1 triggered auto email. Which you can creatively get around in the beginning if you want to. Beautiful templates and landing pages it’s a nice all in one solution. If you’re asking what I’d move to from here it’s Convert Kit. 


Note App – Evernote

Evernote is handy for those swipe files you always hear me talking about. Have a great idea in the car or on your walk? Evernote has audio features, templates and everything you need to be an extra part of your brain but on your mobile and desktop. 


Best image creation Canva

Image Creation- Canva

 Canva as some of the best social media/ design templates out there. This is such a user-friendly alternative to photoshop and if you level up your skills enough you can even sell your templates online. Canva has both free and paid options and they don’t skimp on the free access.  

Best Image Creation Video Adobe Spark

Image Creation- Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a nice alternative to Canva. Its styles are sleeker, and there are fewer design features, but what it does do, it does well, and that’s branded social media content. The social media video options are nice too. 


Sales Funnels-Click Funnels

Yes, my favourite – the sales funnel. Hands up the best way for a customer to get to know you and move through to purchase quickly. If you’ve ever worked with me you’ve heard me go on and on about making it easy for your customers to learn everything they need to by and Click Funnels makes the set up a breeze. Why build your own when you’ve got the resources of professional design and marketers at your fingertips. Make it easy on yourself when you can is my motto. 


Best for writing - Grammarly


Need a writing assistant? Grammarly is your answer to sounding professional online. Have a habit of ending a sentence with a preposition? Leave out those tricky commas? Grammarly has your back. team this up with the Hemmingway App and you’ll have the ability to supercharge your writing in an instant. 


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