It’s easy to get lost in being busy.

Always looking at your list, your wants, and your competition.

But what if today you stopped seeing your competition as the opposition?

What if you could help them and ask for nothing in return?

What if you re-shared their posts or sent some customers their way?

Would it matter if they didn’t reciprocate?

But what if they did?

What if that small decision to do one good thing led to a new friendship, a colleague. Someone who knows your area and could help with problems? Who has your back and helps you catch things you might miss.

When we stop seeing everything as a competition and start seeing ways in which we can help. We build community, and we all get better together.

Connections are what keep us going when times are tough. The helping hand when we are drowning.

Choose to do one good thing today.

You never know where it might lead.