Coffee cat…coffee cat…copy cat…copycat.⁠

It’s easy to slip without meaning to. ⁠

Sometimes it’s premeditated, and sometimes it isn’t.⁠

Either way, copying usually comes from a place of insecurity. ⁠

It’s easy to get lost in research, on how well others are doing. ⁠

We see what’s working for others and so begins the slippery slope that leads to the bland mass sameness that’s become so prevalent.⁠

What we need are personal anchors. ⁠

Something that you can sink your feet into that always pulls you back and reminds you of your genius. ⁠

That thing that makes you unique.⁠

That thing that makes you stand out like a beacon from the crowd. ⁠

Let others be your inspiration

but that thing that only you can do,

that’s your anchor. ⁠

Hold on to it firmly, reassuringly.

Be confident in the knowledge that nobody can do that thing the way that you do it.

No one thinks like you.

So attack your next post, your next project in the way that only you can. ⁠

Attack it with the thought that you’ve already succeeded.⁠

Because your success?

That lies with you.