Today, I found myself standing in the kitchen, gazing at a stash of withering apples.

Now, before you share any apple sauce recipes with me, let me share how I decided to combine my day job skills with my questionable parenting skills. (But please, do share your favourite apple recipes with me!)

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that kids are wonderful yet frustrating beings, whose likes and dislikes are constantly changing. One day, they can’t get enough of bananas, and the next, it’s as if the fruit was made by the devil himself.

Here at the cottage, we’ve just experienced an apple switch.

It all began with “Mom, buy me more apples,” and swiftly transformed into “Ew. Apples are disgusting.” FYI, that turnaround was about 8 seconds.

So, instead of whipping up a batch of applesauce, I called my daughters to gather around me.

With both hands held behind my back, I said, “Would you like an Eldriam?”

My elder daughter merely raised an eyebrow, looking at me skeptically.

However, my youngest, K, took the bait.

Sensing my excitement, she gazed up at me with big wide eyes and asked, “What’s that?”

“Well, it’s a magical food. When you bite into it, you’ll hear a CRUNCH. And do you know what that does?”

K shook her head, eager for more, while my eldest began to show interest.

“That is the sound of the fruit’s magic being released. The more you eat, the more magic you consume. The more magic you consume, the stronger your abilities will grow. But you wouldn’t want an Eldriam now, would you?”

Both heads were nodding now, the younger child holding out her hand in anticipation.

“Close your eyes,” I instructed as I placed an apple in each of their palms.

“This feels weird,” K giggled.

“Now, who’s brave enough to take a bite?”

Both girls peeked, but they each took a bite.

Lesson learned?

Framing is everything.