Have you ever read a book or watched a film that grabbed your attention from the first scene?

You’re immediately dropped into the heart of the action with no introduction or background information. This technique is called ‘In Medias Res’, and it’s a powerful tool not only in literature and film but also in business storytelling.

This post will delve into how you can use ‘In Medias Res’ to captivate your audience from the start and make your business narrative more engaging.

Diving Into ‘In Medias Res’

‘In Medias Res’ is a Latin phrase that translates to ‘in the midst of things’. As a narrative technique, it involves starting your story in the middle of the action before providing any background information.

By beginning in the heat of the moment, you instantly engage your audience and pique their curiosity, making them want to stick around to discover more.

This technique is great to use on social media where you want to grab attention quickly and provide follow up posts to finish the story over time with clear CTA’s in subsequent posts. Pique their curiosity, causing viewers to head to your profile for more.

Why Use ‘In Medias Res’ in Business Storytelling?

The world of business can be a rather busy and noisy place. If you want to stand out and grab your audience’s attention, you’ll need more than just a compelling product or service. You’ll need a captivating narrative. That’s where ‘In Medias Res’ comes in.

Starting your business story with a crucial moment – whether it’s an obstacle, a breakthrough, or a pivotal decision – can instantly draw your audience in. They’ll want to know what led to this moment and what will happen next.

Curiosity is a powerful marketing tool.

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How to Craft an ‘In Medias Res’ Business Narrative

Creating an ‘In Medias Res’ narrative for your business can be a thrilling process. Here are some steps to guide you:

  1. Identify Your Pivotal Moment: This should be a significant event or turning point in your business journey. It could be the moment you came up with your business idea, faced a crucial challenge, or achieved a major milestone.
  2. Start Your Story at this Point: Dive right into this moment. Describe it vividly, focusing on the emotions, actions, and stakes involved.
  3. Fill in the Background: After you’ve captivated your audience with your pivotal moment, you can provide the necessary background information. This adds depth and context to your narrative.
  4. Carry on From the Pivotal Moment: Continue your story from the pivotal moment, detailing what happened next and how your business journey has progressed since then.

Real-Life Examples of ‘In Medias Res’ in Business

Let’s take a look at how some companies have successfully used the ‘In Medias Res’ technique:

  1. Apple: During product launches, Apple often begins by unveiling their new product, generating immediate excitement. They then delve into the background, discussing the design and development process.
  2. Nike: Nike’s advertising often starts in the middle of the action, with athletes in the midst of a game or race, instantly capturing the audience’s attention. They then provide the product details and brand message.

These examples highlight how ‘In Medias Res’ can make a business narrative or advertising campaign more compelling and engaging.

Applying ‘In Medias Res’ to Your Marketing

Incorporating ‘In Medias Res’ into your marketing strategy can help you captivate your audience and stand out from the crowd. Here’s how:

  1. Content Marketing: Start your blog posts, case studies, or white papers in the middle of an interesting story or event before diving into the details or background.
  2. Social Media: Use ‘In Medias Res’ to craft compelling social media posts that instantly grab your followers’ attention.
  3. Video Marketing: Begin your videos with a gripping scene or event. This can draw viewers in and make them more likely to watch the entire video.

Twitter Examples:

Example 1: An Upcoming Fitness App

Start with the Action (Tweet 1/1): Just finished an exhilarating run using our beta app! Who’s ready to change their fitness game? 🏃‍♂️💨 #OurFitnessQuest

Example 2: A Newly Launched Online Course

Start with the Action (Tweet 1/1): Over 500 people signed up for our new online course in the first hour! Ready to join them and upgrade your skills? 💻🚀 #OnlineLearningRevolution

Example 3: An Environmentally Conscious Coffee Brand

Start with the Action (Tweet 1/1): We’ve just offset 10,000 tonnes of CO2, thanks to our tree planting initiative! Fancy a cuppa that helps the planet? 🌳☕️ #OurGreenJourney

Short Form Video Examples for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube:

Example 1: A Sustainable Clothing Brand

Start with the Action (First 15 seconds): [Show a fashion show in progress with models wearing the sustainable clothes] “Here’s a sneak peek of our latest sustainable fashion line…”

Example 2: A Tech Startup

Start with the Action (First 15 seconds): [Show the team celebrating a milestone or breakthrough] “We’ve just cracked the code for a faster, more secure online experience…”

Example 3: An Organic Food Company

Start with the Action (First 15 seconds): [Show a bustling farmers’ market] “We’re here at the local farmers’ market, sourcing the freshest organic ingredients for our products…”

Each of these examples begins ‘In Medias Res’, throwing the audience directly into a captivating situation or event. This technique can encourage engagement and maintain interest, making it a powerful tool for storytelling in business.


‘In Medias Res’ is a powerful narrative technique that can help you hook your audience from the start. By beginning your business story in the midst of action, you can instantly engage your audience and make them eager to hear more.

So, why not try incorporating ‘In Medias Res’ into your business narrative and see the impact it can have?

Your audience is waiting, are you ready to captivate them?

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