We’ve all heard the old aphorism:

‘Facts Tell and Stories Sell’

Well, the interesting point about the above sentence is that only the RIGHT stories sell.

So how do you choose the right story?

That depends on what you’re trying to sell.

No, I’m not giving it all away in one post, but what I am going to do is share my secret to crafting the right story for you.

Every great story needs 3 things:

  1. A Protagonist (stay with me)
  2. Conflict (the drama)
  3. Resolution (make ’em feel)

How do you flip this to work for you?

  1. The Protagonist becomes your audience
  2. Conflict: What’s their problem?
  3. Resolution: What you sell and how it makes them feel.

The RIGHT story is what your audience needs to hear at the RIGHT time.

When you do this AND you make them feel something?

You can sell anything.