For years it’s been you, your laptop and the content void of doom.

Now, it’s time for a change.


Hello …

Is This Thing On?

How to find your people online and stop screaming into the void!

(The void is real I checked and it’s where lousy content goes to die, alone and miserable.)

About The Book

What if I told you that you could rescue posts from the void?

What if you could set your inner personality free and create the online space that you wanted?

Are you too afraid to step away from the sameness that works for ‘that guy over there’?

Fear holds us back.

What if your difference is your strength?


Have you developed a recognisable online brand? Not sure?
-> This book is for you!

Have you developed your online voice and can captivate an audience like it was the night before Christmas? No?
-> This book is for you!

Do you know how to have a sneak peek into your competitors online? Nope?
-> This book is for you.

Are you looking for a deep dive into Google Analytics backed up with cross-data analysis in excel?
-> This book is NOT for you and you should run away. Run, before the internet gods know you’ve been on this page.

You already have a voice that is yours.

All you have to do is deliver it with

style and confidence.

Confidence comes with time and style can be learned.

What’s inside


Do you know how to talk to humans on the internet?

The unspoken etiquette of life online


Developing You Brand Review

Branding 101 summed up in a handy checklist



Write posts that capture the imagination.


It all starts with People

Defining your audience and creating personas


Social Analytics Introduction

A look at current engagement.


Keyword/Competitor Research Tools

The tools and techniques I like to use to find my audience online. 

Developing Your Brand.

In this book, I’m assuming that you have established a personal brand and found your blogging voice. Don’t worry if you’re not sure or if you haven’t, I have a handy checklist below. 

If you have and are comfortable you can skip this chapter and head straight to chapter 2 but are you willing to pass up what may be a golden nugget of wisdom?  

Yes, we have just come from working on being a human on the internet but branding has its place. It’s what allows people to know that it’s you without having to look at your logo or avatar. Your branding is usually a reflection of who you are unless you are establishing an independent brand. 

If you are a writer or an independent creator then often it becomes too much to always have to switch between your own voice and that of your brand. A medium ground can be found and you don’t always have to put your whole self into it either. You will always be continually developing your brand and developing your boundaries. It’s good to grow, adapt and change as you get more and more comfortable being online. 

If you are unsure if you have developed your brand then work your way through the checklist that follows. It’s not exhaustive but it will give you an idea of what you have and have not thought about.



All of the above plus a note on success and the responsibility of creating online. 

"Overall, on the first read through I got a bit of information overload going and found it quite dense - you got A LOT into 60 pages! So much of what you said makes sense. I understand better now how to research my audience and tailor my posts/content to them and can already recognise some of the mistakes I've made in terms of how I've been speaking to my audience and how little I really knew about them until I looked at data readily available to me!"

Ciara Lewis, Creator, Pin the Magic.

About the author.

Nadia is an award-winning blogger, writer, and creative freelancer with a focus on digital media and marketing. She has curated and presented panels within the fibre industry while developing her personal blogs and She lives in Ireland where you can find her in her cottage by the sea wrangling two small humans, drinking far too much coffee, tending to three furbabies (2 cats and a bunny) and one outstanding male human.

This is the book that I would have wanted starting out as a blogger or content creator online. It’s my quick-start guide on tailoring your online presence and finding the audience that loves you for you.