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On Copycats and Self Reflection

Coffee cat...copy cat...copycat.⁠⁠It's easy to slip without meaning to. ⁠⁠Sometimes it's premeditated, and sometimes it isn't.⁠⁠Either way, copying usually comes from a place of insecurity. ⁠⁠It's easy to get lost in research, on how well others are...

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Release Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice wants to be free, she wants to help you. How do I know your inner voice is a she? My mother always said 'Behind every great man is a woman'. My life experience has taught me that behind every great woman are many other great women helping her take...

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One Good Thing

It's easy to get lost in being busy. Always looking at your list, your wants, and your competition. But what if today you stopped seeing your competition as the opposition? What if you could help them and ask for nothing in return? What if you re-shared their posts or...

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Some People Like the Rain

The sound of it hitting off a glass roof. The smell of plants coming alive as raindrops wash their leaves. Our senses are powerful. They connects us to memories. Of all of them, our sense of smell is the most powerful as the areas of the brain that juggle smells,...

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