Quick wins are energy.

They are the creators of momentum propelling you forward with the feeling that anything is possible.

Before you get lost in the never ending admin pile, what one thing would you change today that is your quick win? 

Quick wins help you feel good about yourself. They are the tasks that you always put off because they don’t have a direct relation to your bottom line.

Tasks like:

  • Creating social templates so that all your posts are quicker to make in the future. (I use Canva and Adobe Spark) 
  • Creating your tone lists.
  • Tightening your branding colours or choosing them!
  • Creating that logo now that you’ve finally nailed down your voice or sourcing someone who can do it for you.

Quick wins are all about setting you up for the day. Wednesdays are quick win days because ugh, that day hates me. Yes, the days of the week can have it in for you.

Quick wins are the things you tick of your list and help you build momentum into the more significant tasks ahead. 

What task will be your quick win today?