So you want to know a bit more about me and what my business can do for you? Then grab a coffee (or a gin I won’t judge) because we are about to get personal, and I’m Irish, and we do that with a beverage in hand. 

Take the stress out of copywriting.

That’s my job. 

I make marketing more human through conversion copy so you can swap the hard sell for customers who love you for you.  

If you’re here, then you know words matter.


Not just any words – YOUR words. 

And it’s time to let them out.

It’s not magic, it’s word science for your business. 

Phew. My life has been a rollercoaster. I haven’t always been in the same industry, but I have always been a writer.

How does one go from an MSc. in Chemistry and working with one of the best research groups in the world for Ru complexes, to customer care and writing sales copy?

One very unelegant step at a time. No really. I’m a clumbsy person. 

Stressed and starved of daylight and far too many lab hours under my belt, I realised that the dream of working in chemistry wasn’t for me.  After a decade in science, I left chemistry for the world of yarny goodness aka This is Knit.

If someone talks about life-changing moments, that my friends, was it.

My brain is a unique blend of science and creativity. It’s never happy unless I’m learning something new, which makes me a rather unique copywriter. 

How? Keep reading 👇

I hate this image but social proof, you know? The awards photographer made me stand that way and it’s so alien to me, hence the confused look of half torture half ‘omg I can’t believe this is happening’. Which I rock don’t you think?) 

Success is never achieved alone so why not let me help you?

Finally, my love of research, writing, and data found a home in conversion copy that was nurtured by creative businesses over eight years. 

 I’ve helped these creative businesses connect with their audience and share their passion with the right people at the right time using data-driven approaches to creative copy. 

It’s led to:

Awards – ✔

Magazine Features – ✔

Book Collaborations –

Unusual business start – 

Working with a global festival – 

Dream clients – 

and more!

Science + Creativity = Storytelling That Converts

The Secret? 

My successes are a result of helping others achieve their dreams using the latest industry research and storytelling that connects.

I’ve supported others in finding their online voice, captivating their audience and diversifying new revenue streams. 

And I can do the same for you!

Professional Services

Can’t find the right words for your website or sales copy? 

DIY Words for You

Can’t wait for a copywriter and need those magic words yesterday? 

The heart of As Yet Unwritten

Core Values

1. Integrity

Write with integrity.

2. Intent

Create with intent and don’t waffle.

3. Clarity

Transparency builds connection. Be coherent, clear and intelligible

4. Be Brave and Be Kind

Moving forward takes courage. Be kind to those you help along the way.

5. Personality

Say it with style. Let you be you and tell your story in a way only you can. 

Quick Confidence Check

I get it. You want to know you’re in safe hands. My education is diverse but here are some details you may need to know:

MSc. Chemistry and BSc. Chem (1.1) from DCU

IBM Certificate in Applied AI

Hubspot Email & Content Marketing Certified

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified

Google Ads Display Certified

Google Analytics IQ

Member of Copyblogger Pro.

and more.

What People Are Saying

A privilege and a joy.

Working with Nadia has been a privilege and a joy. Her energy and enthusiasm for all things digital marketing is infectious and inspiring. She is not only incredibly passionate about her work but is a fountain of knowledge and diverse skill sets necessary for this industry. Nadia has become a trusted mentor for me who has positively influenced everything I do with her honest and friendly guidance.

Sarah Cleeton MSc. 

Digital Marketing Strategist.

I don't know where I'd be without her!

Nadia has been working with me for 3 years now and she has made my online life run so smoothly! All social media outlets are fully covered by her fantastic graphics, well thought out text and ideas that I would never have come up with no matter how long I try. This makes it much easier to focus on my many other jobs. In the last few months, Nadia has produced photographs for a Woollinn shawl that I designed (Bealtaine) that were superb and has written the introduction to two of my books Echoes of Heather and Stone and Cosy Knits. 

Carol Feller

Designer, writer, founder, Stolen Stitches

A true friend and mentor.

Nadia has a wealth of knowledge spanning web design, the ins and outs of social media platforms, and the nuts and bolts of Ravelry. These, together with her photography skills, have hugely increased the visibility of my business.
She mentors you through whichever process you need, takes control when you want it, and empowers you to keep striving. I’ve worked with Nadia this past year and she has become a true friend and mentor. I’m looking forward to continuing this partnership that keeps growing from strength to strength, regardless of the task or challenge.

Jennifer Shiels Toland

Designer, JST Designs

Innovative and Fun.

She understands her craft well, is ready and willing to experiment, is open to suggestions. Being a knitter and crocheter herself, it’s clear she understands what will attract crafters to a particular design, and she knows instinctively how to highlight those qualities. I feel I am in very safe hands when I work with Nadia and am always thrilled with the results. 

Aoibhe Ni

Designer, writer, Aoibhe Ni

She is always ready to step in.

Our social media services can become overwhelming at times, so Nadia’s professional services are a fantastic resource to be able to access. She is always ready to step in to draft copy and to provide beautiful images to work alongside our promotional activities. We enjoy working with Nadia and find her to be professional, efficient, and knowledgeable of the workings of the fibre craft industry.

Lisa Sisk

CEO Woollinn.com, Founder This is Knit Ltd.

As Seen In

20 Questions - Nadia Style

You’re right, we need to get to know each other a little better. (You might want to make a cuppa first!)


1. I’m an enormous coffee drinker. (Starbucks &  Two Spots coffee for the win!)

2. I live in an Irish cottage by the sea and I love it. Yes, I worry about climate change and the fact that we will wake up one night floating in bitter cold seawater which leads to me worry about rational/irrational fears.

3. I hate breakfast but I’m the worst if I don’t eat in the morning. 

4. I have two kids which gives me powers of time management I never knew existed. 

5. I believe that sleeplessness gives you the power to glimpse into the future but only when you can close your eyes and see Hypnotoad.  (🙌 Futurama Fans)

6. I’m one of those annoying women who are madly in love with their partner. He supports everything I do, and every time I say ‘Let’s do something crazy’ he packs a go-bag. Hate me if you want.

7. My favourite colour changes between black and purple…and green… and sometimes blue.

8. I’ll choose gin over beer and whiskey over gin.

9. I snore but not as loudly as my husband.

10.  You’ll find me unwinding in the garden, muck everywhere and no idea how it’s on my face and in my hair.

11. I have a weakness for journals with dot grid heavy-duty paper (160gsm or nothing) that can take watercolour. They don’t even need sales copy for me to open my wallet and throw money at the screen! (Archer & Olive and Scribble & Dot are my favs!)

12. I instantly fall in love with animals and want to re-home them ALL.

13. I believe in newsletters but not the nasty long-winded monologues of doom.  (Yes, kinda like these 20 questions but I’m about to let you off the hook here).

14. Remember to subscribe to the blog/email round up.

15.  Hurray, you got to the end!

Coffee Time?

What’s Next?

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