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Below you will find some of my recent projects and some of my favourites along with client testimonials.

Bealtaine – Carol Feller & Woollinn Dublin

The Bealtaine shawl is a collaboration with Irish Knitwear Designer Carol Feller and Woolinn, Dublin. This was a fun cross-platform project with blog posts, social media and photography. You can find pattern information here.

Our social media workload can become overwhelming at times, so Nadia’s VA services are a fantastic resource to be able to access. She is always ready to step in to draft copy and to provide beautiful images to work alongside our promotional activities.  We enjoy working with Nadia and find her to be professional, efficient, and knowledgeable of the workings of the fibre craft industry.

Lisa Sisk

This is Knit & Woollinn Dublin's Festival of Yarn

VA Services & Freelance Copy – Carol Feller

Working with Carol has been a joy and requires a range of virtual services from web content and copy to social media services. Our latest project has revolved around Carol’s latest book, Echoes of Heather & Stone. This has included launch material and I also was privileged to write the introduction. You can find Echoes of Heather and Stone here. 

Nadia has been working as my virtual assistant for just over a year now and she has made my online digital life run so smoothly! All social media outlets are fully covered by her with fantastic graphics, well thought out text and ideas that I would never have no matter how long I try. This makes it much easier to focus on other jobs as I know she will manage my social media better than me. In the last few months, Nadia has also produced photographs for a Woollinn shawl that I designed (Bealtaine) that were superb and has written the introduction to my newest book Echoes of Heather and Stone.

I don’t know where I’d be without her!
Carol Feller

Stolen Stitches

Reef Breeze & London Spires Collection – JST Knitwear Designs

These collaborations are with Irish Knitwear designer Jennifer Shiels Toland providing featured and support photography for her design collection. You can find Reef Breeze pattern information here and the London Spires Collection here.

 Nadia has a wealth of knowledge spanning web design, the in’s and out’s of social media platforms, and the nuts and bolts of Ravelry. These, together with her photography skills, have hugely increased the visibility of my business.
She mentors you through whichever process you need, takes control when you want it, and empowers you to keep striving. I’ve worked with Nadia this past year and she has become a true friend and mentor. I’m looking forward to continuing this partnership that keeps growing from strength to strength, regardless of the task or challenge.

Jennifer Shiels Toland

JST Knitwear Designs

Legendary Shawls 2- Aoibhe Ni

Legendary Shawls  2 is an ongoing collaboration with Irish Crochet designer Aoibhe Ni providing featured and support photography for her design collection. Currently, Nuada is available here and Macha is here.

Standing in front of a camera can seem like a daunting task, but Nadia turns it effortlessly into a positive and enriching experience. She understands her craft well, is ready and willing to experiment, is open to suggestions, has got a great eye for the beauty in a landscape and can frame a garment well to bring out the best in it. Being a knitter and crocheter herself, it’s clear she understands what will attract crafters to a particular design, and she knows instinctively how to highlight those qualities. I feel I am in very safe hands when I work with Nadia and am always thrilled with the results of our photo shoots.

Aoibhe Ní

Aoibhe Ní Designs

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